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Three different essential oils can be extracted from the bitter orange tree. The orange oil "Orange" is extracted from the peel; the orange leaf oil "Petitgrain" is extracted from the leaves and the twigs; ".

The name of the orange blossom essential oil comes from the elegant Italian queen NEROLI of the 17th century. Queen Neloli likes to hold dances in the court. At the time, it was the Baroque era of classical, gorgeous, and complicated decoration. However, the decoration of Queen Nelly's ball was contrary to the fashion at the time. Without losing its exquisite ornate style, it became a model for European nobles to follow suit, and had a significant impact on the Rococo culture that began in the middle of the 18th century.

In order to increase the atmosphere of the ball, Queen Nelly wiped the fresh, sweet, delicate and gorgeous orange flower oil on gloves, clothes and shawls, and used it to perfume the room. She also invited all ladies to use orange flower oil before the ball. After bathing, the fragrance is endless in the dance room. Therefore, at that time, her favorite neroli ball was used with gloves and used in BOSHI JEWELRY necklaces, bracelets, earrings, air fragrance diffusers locket, and became a favorite of the high society in Europe and America.

The love of neroli oil is enough to compare with Queen Nelly's wife, Mrs. Penfield, the mistress of King Louis XV of the 18th century. At that time, the Palace of Versailles was called [Aromatic Palace]. All the ladies and ladies invited to the Prom of the Palace of Versailles must explain their personality and taste with their own unique fragrance. A social lady with a stylish taste, she uses orange blossom essential oil as a perfume. Therefore, it drives the orange blossom essential oil to once again lead the way.

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