Origin of peppermint essential oil


It is said that in Greek mythology, there is a tall, handsome and beautiful girl who is loved by many girls and is very heterosexual. The name is Min Min. Attracted by his indescribable charm, there are always many girls trying to get close to him every day. Unfortunately, Minty is married and has a jealous wife. One day, Minty chatted and laughed with a group of girls under the olive tree. When he was hit by his wife, his angry and anxious wife angrily, he begged the god Zeus to turn him into a tree. Although Minty's wife was very regretful afterwards, she ran to Zeus and asked for forgiveness, and asked him to change Minty back. However, in order to punish her good jealousy, Zeus hoped that she would live in remorse all her life. Claim.

Minty, who has become a tree, has lost his handsome appearance, but he has attracted countless people's nostalgia and praise with his green heart-shaped leaves and continuous fragrance.
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