About the origin and benefits of aromatherapy essential oils


Protti was the daughter of the god Zeus and the goddess Dionysian. She was supported by the white shells that floated out of the sea, and was slowly born on the coast of Greece. Protea's birth brought beauty, the wind subsided in front of her, the rain stopped in front of her, the flowers rushed in front of her, and the waves happily stirred up the waves. The gods and everyone were enchanted by her smile .

After Protea was born, Dioni bathed her body with patchouli balm. When the scent of Protea was sent to the palace of the god Zeus, Athena, the goddess of love and beauty, saw this lovely and beautiful The baby, who likes and gives her the love and beauty of the heart, makes Protti not only have a beautiful appearance, but also has beautiful personality traits, becoming the most beautiful goddess among Greek deities. One day, Protea sang in the sunshine in a white spray. The god of war, Adams, returned from afar. At first glance, Protea was conquered by her beauty. Later, Protea and the god of war were in love. The fragrant balm, as a sentimental substance, became a witness to the love between the two.

Patchouli essential oil contains an exotic rich aroma and is a low-grade essential oil with very high fragrance persistence. Patchouli essential oil also has a peculiar personality, that is, the older it becomes, the more fragrant it gets, and the better the effect of physical therapy over time, it is also called "daughter red" in essential oils.Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Aromatherapy

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