Why explain the struggle history of BOSHI JEWELRY?

Why introduce air fragrance diffuser lcoket?

This story is about the start of our dream, and sending love in to the world our way.

It began in 2006.

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In 2006, the conditions at that time were not very good. As a designer, I embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship. Although the road ahead was very difficult, I still persisted and carefully designed each product.

I have also realized that the meaning of sending love to your loved ones as Well.
me had also realized the meaning of sending love to your loved ones as well.

Following this moment, me decided to create a jewelry brand. They wanted to convey love in an elegant, refined, and fashionable way. Raoyan put all of her passion into the Fashion Jewelry Accessories, and BOSHI JEWELRY was born from this love. With all her years of professional cultivation and business sensibility, she realized how seldom creative, ingeniously crafted, and affordable brands for the new generation customers there was to choose from.(oil car diffuser locket and aroma necklace and diffuser bracelets)

Everything we do is to help our customers to find a style to call their own and look best at everyone

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