The origin of roses and the beauty of rose oil

Rose Essential oil
Rosa comes from the Greek word meaning red, which means passion. In Greek mythology, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, accidentally was stabbed by a flower thorn in order to help Adamis, the beautiful man she loved, and the blood she shed turned into bright red roses, representing the burning passion in love. .

Among all varieties of rose essential oils, Bulgarian rose balm can be said to be the best. Bulgarian rose balm has a beautiful story. In the 15th century, the beautiful Bulgarian princess was about to marry a handsome prince near the castle. In the first three months of the wedding, the Bulgarian king ordered the gardeners of the castle to sprinkle the locally-produced rose petals on the moat in preparation for the wedding day. Create a scent of roses. At that time, the incurable Black Death was circulating throughout Europe, and many people in the castles lost their lives due to infection. Strangely, none of the Bulgarian castles became ill. This incident attracted the attention of scientists at the time. After research, it was found that the rose petals on the moat had been illuminated by the sun and released a thick layer of essential oils. These essential oils have the function of sterilizing and preventing infectious diseases.

Therefore, on the day that the beautiful princess of Bulgaria got married, every guest who came to the wedding received a bottle of rose essential oil that symbolized love and covenant, and wished them not only happiness but also protection from Rose Gold Essential oil fragrance car diffuser aromatherapy

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